Apple Will Hold An Secret Event for iOS Developers Next Week

According to Business Insider Apple will be holding a secret 3-day conference at its Cupertino headquarters next week, with selected number of iOS developers ahead of its possible iOS 4.2 media event to prepare their applications for demonstration.

Apple is hosting an event for iOS developers in California next week, we’ve heard from an industry source. The event begins next Tuesday, and runs for three days, we’ve heard.

We are short on details, and we have not seen any public information about it, but it sounds like this will be a more intimate version of the iPhone Tech Talks that Apple hosted around the world last year.

The event will begin next Tuesday.As it is secret event it is completely unknown at the moment how the event will work out, which developers will be attending, whether it will coincide with the media event for iOS 4.2 and just how big of an event it will be.Till then stay with us for the latest update.


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