Apple Working On Mini Dock Connector For Upcoming iPhone Models?

Apple has a knack for introducing better features in nearly every new iteration of its devices. iMore is now claiming that Apple may be working on a miniaturized dock connector for the future models of iPhone. These mini dock connectors will more compact than the standard 30-pin dock connector that is currently a part of iPhone design.

According to iMore, “An updated “micro dock” could make room for bigger batteries, 4G radios, and other components far more important to the iPhone and iPad in a PC free world.” This does make sense since Apple has been the one always stressing for thinner designs and making components smaller so as to make room for newer parts. Apple was the first company who adopted the micro-SIM in its devices and has been proposing to even further diminish the size of SIM card.

The current dock connector is not too large in size but iMore very rightly points out that with time, every bit of space that can be trimmed for newer components counts. But this new dock connector size will take Apple away from an entire ecosystem of products which is based on the current dock size. However, if Apple does make this move, it will be able to pull it off and the vendors of such products will have to adapt accordingly.

iMore has recently made some fairly accurate predictions, including the expected launch date of iPad 3. About this particular report too, iMore says that it has come from a very ‘solid source’ and is true.

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