AppleCare Employees Start Training On iOS 7

Right ahead of the expected launch of iPhone 5S and iOS 7 on September 10, Apple has started the training of its AppleCare employees. The company plans to equip these employees with the new features in the upcoming iOS version so that they are ready to resolve any fresh issues faced by the customers.

iOS 7

The training has been started today and is expected to complete by the second week of September. Usually at the time of a new iOS launch, Apple asks its part-time support staff to serve full-time so that any new queries or problems cited by Apple users are addressed timely.

iOS 7 packs a significant upgrade from Apple and the company is equipping it with a whole lot of new features. This is precisely why the company expects that a lot of users will be asking about the new release and therefore, the AppleCare employees ought to be trained well about it.

The training of these employees primarily focuses on such features which are of critical importance in iOS 7. The primary preference would be security options and settings in the new handset as well as the ‘Find my iPhone Activation Lock’ feature. Moreover, the employees will also be well-taught about iCloud Photo Sharing options as well as the new Camera app.

Another key focus of the training is the new iTunes Radio streaming service that will be a part of the new iOS. The feature is sure to attract may new questions and Apple is readying its staff to tackle them well. The start of the training also hints that Apple will indeed be unveiling the new iPhone at a September 10 launch.

Courtesy: 9to5mac

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