New Android Platform For iOS Is In Development

“in the box” is an open source project create to provide a porting of Gingerbread Android runtime on top of iOS. It enables Android application developers to execute their Android application on iOS. Dalvik is licensed under the Apache License, so Apple would not have to pay license fees to to Google for the VM and use of Google apps on the platform would require a license. Have a look on to see the video demo of the porting of the Dalvik on iOS such as first step of the project…….


in the box” is a porting of Dalvik VM and Gingerbread Android APIs on top of iOS and it enables Android application developers to execute their Android application on iOS for allowing you run Android apps on an iPhone, iPod touch or iPad. The process isn’t all that simple at this point and the project is really geared at developers rather than end users, don’t expect to download an app from the Android Market and simply port it to your iPhone on your own. Developers can use the tools to get their Android apps up and running on iOS and that could eventually make the process of developing cross-platform apps much simpler.


Here is goal to reach for an Android developer:

  • Develop the Android application using Android SDK on a Linux/Mac/windows
  • Get a Mac
  • Use “in-the-box” to execute and test the application on the targetted iOS devices
  • When ready, build the application binary, sign it and submit it to Apple application’s store



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