Pod2g Hands A4 Jailbreak To Chronic-Dev Team

We have been writing about the successes achieved by Pod2g in the past few having in jailbreaking Apple iOS 5.0.1. After completing untethered jailbreak on A4 chip devices, Pod2g is now focused on succeeding a similar untethered jailbreak on A5 chips, the ones used in iPhone 4S and iPad 2. He has now handed the A4 jailbreak to the Chronic-Dev team so that the team can finalize and release it asap, regardless of the A5 chip.

Pod2g was able to achieve untethered jailbreak on A4 chip used in iPod 3g, iPod 4g as well as in iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4 and iPad 1. And his plans were that once he was able to accomplish untethered jailbreak on A5 chips, used in iPhone 4S and iPad 2, only then he will release the procedure for both kinds of jailbreaks to the iOS community. And for that, the entire iOS community had been eagerly waiting. However, last week he ran into A5 cache issues, which he eventually resolved but still hasn’t reached an A5 untethered jailbreak yet.

It seems like he didn’t expect it to take that long. So, now, in his blog post, he has announced to hand over the A4 jailbreak to the Chronic-Dev team, another team of iOS hackers. This team will now work on the A4 chip by testing and finalizing and then releasing it to the iOS community. Meanwhile, Pod2g will continue his work on A5 untethered jailbreak. I think it’s a very good idea because it allows for two entities to work in parallel and takes the load off Pod2g, while at the same time fully acknowledging his achievement.

Image courtesy bfishadow.

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