Apple’s iOS 6 Will Have Built-in Connections To Facebook

According to a report by Techcrunch, Apple will enable deep integration of Facebook in their next iOS version. That means the next iOS or iOS 6 will have built-in connections to Facebook. There has been a lot of meshing going on in recent months between Apple and Facebook. In February, Apple CEO Tim Cook said that “the one company that is closest to being like Apple” is Facebook. Earlier this week, Cook emphasized Apple’s relationship with Facebook at the D10 conference. He said, “Facebook is a great company, and the relationship is solid”. This seems to give indications of the social networking site’s deep integration with Apple’s different platforms. Apple’s iOS 6 is hoped to be revealed at the company’s annual developers conference, to be held on June 11.

Facebook in iPhone, Image Credit:

According to the report, the unification will enable user log in to Facebook accounts without booting them out to Facebook’s app, which is how the such instances are currently handled. Facebook will get the sharing icon alongside in Twitter, which was added as part of iOS 5 last year.

Facebook has said earlier that their one of biggest weaknesses is mobile advertising. It could be hoped to bolster by having more users signed up and making easily to fulfill on other platforms, like Apple.

Source: TechCrunch

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