Apps Usage Logs Show An iPhone 6 Running iOS 7

We are still a long way from the launch of the next iPhone, yet hints about iPhone 6 have started popping up already. A number of apps developers are citing that the usage logs of their apps now list ‘iPhone 6, 1 identifier’, a device which the log shows to be running iOS 7.

iPhone 6 concept

The popping of iPhone 6 in apps usage logs has been confirmed by not one but multiple developers. To top things further, the developers who provided the information also cited that the alleged ‘iPhone 6’ device was being used from Apple’s facility and carried an IP address based at the Cupertino campus.

That does, more or less, confirm the legitimacy of the usage logs registered by the handset called iPhone 6. Apple may still be working on iOS 7, but it is only natural that the company wants to test out some of its features out in the open.

Yet, the actual release of iOS 7 may not happen before summer this year and that of iPhone 6 even later. We have hints and speculations to bank on until then. And given Apple’s record on iPhone 5, I daresay we’ll be laying our eyes on a whole lot of leaks.

This fresh information about the usage logs registered by iPhone 6, may of course be untrue or simply a hoax pulled by someone else. So we will take it with a grain of salt for now.

Courtesy: Slashgear

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