AT&T Starts Offering FaceTime Over Cellular For All Users

AT&T had been criticized for implementing a whole lot of conditions on the availability of FaceTime to its customers. The company essentially stated that it would offer on-cellular FaceTime only to such customers who had tiered data plans and LTE devices. However, the carrier seems to have changed its mind now.

AT&T FaceTime

When AT&T announced the aforementioned conditions, it created quite a stir among the customers. Ever since Apple added the ability to use FaceTime over cellular in iOS 6, users have been asking wireless carriers to support the feature. AT&T has been reluctant initially, but it seems that the company is warming up to the idea now.

An AT&T user has reported on MacRumors forum that he was able to make use of FaceTime over AT&T’s cellular network even when he had an unlimited data plan. This showed that the company was not going to adhere to the conditions it had announced earlier.

This user then turned on his iPhone 4S handset which doesn’t support LTE, to see if AT&T opened up support for FaceTime in the device. Interestingly, he was able to make FaceTime calls on iPhone 4S too.

Many other users have chimed in with the findings, stating that they have indeed been able to use FaceTime over their AT&T cellular connections. However, a significant portion of users continues to complain that they seem unable to enable the feature on their devices. AT&T hasn’t made any official announcement on the issue, so we have to wait for the company’s word to know if the rumors be true.

Source: MacRumors Forum
Courtesy: ZDNet

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