Within A Week, iOS 7 Accounts For 52% Of iOS Web Traffic Share

It would seem that Apple’s iOS 7 is rapidly gaining in popularity among the users. Conventionally, the adoption of new iOS versions is rather slow but in the case of iOS 7, it has already reached nearly 52% iOS devices.

Chitika iOS traffic

According to the ad network Chitika, 52% of the total iOS web traffic currently generated is coming from iOS 7 devices. The new iOS version is compatible with a whole range of iPhone, iPod and iPad handsets. The exceptions include iPhone 3GS or lower, iPad 2G or lower and iPod Touch 4G and lower.

Just before Apple released iOS 7, the total web traffic share of the new version was less than one percent, thanks to a limited, few beta builds being used by developers. And now, within one week, the iOS marketshare of iOS 7 seems to have soared well past 50%.

This is the fastest ever adoption rate for any iOS version. In the case of iOS 6, the firmware version accounted for nearly 30% of the total iOS web traffic share within the first three days. iOS 7 has been able to outpace these figures within a week of its release.

The bump in the overall adoption rate of iOS 7 can also be explained in light of the strong sales of iPhone 5S and 5C handsets. Within a week of the release of these handsets, millions had already been sold. Apple had claimed before the release of iOS 7 that the new version will be adopted very rapidly. Now, this prophecy seems all set to turn true.

Courtesy: Apple Insider

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