Best Buy Expects Sprint iPhone 5 On 21st October

Best Buy employees are looking to get busy beginning in early October and there is a few directives that have gone out to employees this weekend, concerning pre-order dates for the iPhone 5 a Sprint launch. It clearly indicates that Best Buy is expecting the iPhone to be introduced this week and there is the launch dates subject to change tagged on to the end. pple has not sent out invitations for an event so the possibility of a September launch is starting to look slim and this conflicts with the earlier rumour that Best Buy may possibly launch the iPhone 5 on the 21st of October, but as with all these rumours they have to be taken with a large pinch of salt……………


Best Buy and Best Buy Mobile stores are anticipating taking preorders for the iPhone 5 starting in the first week of October, BGR report and Sprint will be carrying the iPhone 5 at launch. Best Buy makes sure to note that Apple product introduction and launch dates are subject to change and BGR source clarified that it’s actually possible presales will be starting this week with the phone arriving in the first week of October, not preorders starting in October. To be clear, this isn’t a run-of-the-mill installation for the big box, thisismynext‘s tipster tells that the request that a manager be on-hand at 6AM is out of the ordinary (they usually show up at 7AM for inventory) and that a similar arrangement was scheduled for the iPhone 4 launch. While it seems strange that thousands of retail employees could potentially be clued into iPhone availability over six weeks in advance, the language in Best Buy’s system is sufficiently vague so that it could technically be anything. On a related note, their tipster tells that Best Buy Mobile managers have a meeting scheduled for October 10th to discuss upcoming BIG release dates. Assuming they get an Apple press event for the new iPhone a few weeks in advance, the managers would be well aware of the release date in time to discuss it at that meeting, so that’d support a release on or around the 21st, too.



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