The ‘Original’ iPhone Designed In 1983 By Hartmut Esslinger

Did you know about the designer who truly revolutionized Apple products by devising the sleekest, top-quality designs for them? Hartmut Esslinger is hailed as the designer who took Apple from a common start-up to a brand which resounded with an international audience. Here’s an image of an ‘iPhone’ like device that he designed as far back as 1983.

Hartmut was hired by Apple as the designer for all Apple products. Even in 1982, he was being paid $1,000,000 per year for his services to Apple. Esslinger created what he called the ‘Snow white design language.’ And he then applied this language to all Apple products which were created from 1984 to 1990. The first design that he produced for Apple, famously known as Apple IIc, was hailed as the Design of the Year by Time and was later acquired by Whitney Museum of Art in New York.

What’s interesting about Esslinger’s relation to Apple is that he stayed at Apple as long as Steve Jobs was a part of the company. Once Steve Jobs left Apple, Esslinger also ended his contract with Apple and followed Jobs to NeXT.

The image above depicts a device which was perhaps among the most modern notions back in 1983. And for that it is being hailed as the ‘original iPhone.’

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