Birdsnap App Can Tell You What Bird You’ve Snapped

Birdsnap is an app that can analyze birds from a picture you have taken, using computer vision and machine learning techniques. User can also explore different species which is similar to captured bird and their possible sight, location details.

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People would love to take a picture if a pretty bird flit by our vision and we have camera in our hand. But most of the time, we don not know name of the bird or what’s it species. So here comes the super innovative solution by computer scientists which can identify a bird from a picture.

Birdsnap is developed by a team of researchers from Columbia University and the University of Maryland. They have developed this electronic field guide which can analyze 500 most common North American bird species. The iPhone users can simply use the service by downloading a FREE app. But there is also a website where you can just upload your bird picture and identify bird species. In the website, you can also go through 50,000 pictures from different species. You can easily find out bird’s species alphabetically, by place and season where can be seen or by their preferable tree which is called Tree of Life.

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Birdsnap can automatically detect visually similar species and it is also able to make suggestions to distinguished among them. Talking about the app, the led scientists Professor Belhumeur said to DailyMail “Our goal is to use computer vision and artificial intelligence to create a digital field guide that will help people to recognize birds. We have been able to take an incredible collection of data – thousands of photos of birds and use technology to organize the data in a useful and fun way.”

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In the near future, the scientists hope to offer feature which will add ability to recognize the bird song as well as compile binoculars to easily identify and tag species.

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So, what birdy bird you have seen lately?

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