Celeste 1.0 RC Coming Soon

Cocoanuts, the developer of Celeste has already released the much awaited Celeste app for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Now the developer has tweeted that they have been reporting issues and bugs with Celeste and they have been able to fix many. So, they would be launching Celeste 1.0 RC very soon.

Earlier a user have reported that when he tries to transfer files from his iPhone or iPad, Bluetooth symbol lights up, but the iDevice doesn’t accept transfer via Celeste.

For those who don’t know, Celeste app lets you to send and receive files via bluetooth on your jailbroken iPhone 4,iPhone 3GS,iPhone 3G,iPod touch or iPad running on iOS 4.

It also makes any song or video received over bluetooth on your iOS device,act exactly as if they had been bought from the iTunes store.

Here’s the original tweet:

From the tweet:

@cocoanutapps bluetooth symbol lights up but neither ipad nor iphone will accept xfer using celeste. any ideas? both xfer to mac fine. 🙁


@dudeslife we just fixed this particular bug today, it’ll be in the upcoming 1.0 RC 🙂

So, hopefully we will soon get the update version of this app. Till then stay with us for the latest update.


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