Clean Your iDevice’s Status Bar Using CleanStatus

A new tweak called “CleanStatus” has recently arrived in Cydia Store. It has developed by nakedproductions. It allows you to choose what icons and text you want to make visible in your Status bar. Instead of the even usual icons, you start off with a plain and simple empty status bar, which you can customize yourself to fit your needs.

CleanStatus is a controller for hiding status bar icons. You can hide up to 19 different icons.

According to reports, there are around 17 toggles that you can toggle on and off from your status bar. Some of these include:

* Clock/Date
* Data Network
* Carrier Name
* Airplane
* Battery
* Battery Percentage
* Bluetooth
* Signal Strength
* etc

One thing is to be noted, that not all icons are available to be toggled on and off. There are 17 choices, for now, and I hope that in a future upgrade they add more icons and apps in the list, giving the user more flexibility.

CleanStatus can be downloaded from Cydia, for free!

Some screenshots are given below.

CleanStatus TweakCleanStatus TweakCleanStatus TweakCleanStatus TweakCleanStatus Tweak


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