iPhone 4 and 4S Without Camera Available In Singapore

Singapore requires every male citizen to serve up to two years in military. The catch here, is that the military has banned cell phones with cameras to be admitted into military facilities. This rule was implemented after some photos of military facilities became public. There had been reports that some companies will be offering camera-less iPhone devices as an alternative. And now, this has become a reality. Camera-less iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S are available for purchase in Singapore, for a slightly higher price.

The first of these camera-less version of iPhone devices has been offered by M1, which is among the leading carriers of Singapore. The devices that are being offered by M1 are standard iPhone devices. The only difference is that both the front and rear cameras have been removed from the devices. This makes them more acceptable for military personnel and other people whose professions don’t allow them to use cell phones with cameras.

Military personnel in Singapore have been banned from using cameras in cellphones since 2007. This new modification in iPhone devices will surely shore up the net sales of iPhone devices in Singapore. However, a slight catch in this is that the new iPhone devices, being offered by M1, cost about $37.70 extra since the company had to spend money on having the cameras removed. But still, even with this price hike, it is expected that consumers in Singapore will throng to buy the new modified iPhone devices.

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