Data Consumption of iPhone 4S Doubles With Siri

Arieso, a network metrics firm, has carried out an extensive research over iPhone data consumption rates. It has then compiled a report about the results. According to Arieso, iPhone 4S users consume nearly twice as much data as that is consumed by iPhone 4 users. Most analysts think that this is all because of Siri since Siri communicated with Server to respond to commands, which inevitably leads to more data consumption.

According Arieso’s Chief Technology Officer, Siri is such a technology that persuades users to consume more and more data. The ease of the interface and the accuracy of Siri’s functionality definitely means that everyone wants to talk to it – out of the sheer pleasure of talking to a device or because of the ease it affords a user. This results in much higher data consumption rates since Siri communicates with Apple’s Siri servers and that, inevitably, puts a data-consumption load on the carrier company.

Arieso gauged the data consumption of more than a million users in Europe to see how often they use Siri. Whereas Siri is the main culprit, other services such as iCloud have also been considered for the increased data consumption of iPhone 4S users. Especially, with iTunes Match services, iPhone users can now stream music live from iCloud and store it in iTunes Match. This, too, may have greatly increased data consumption among iPad and iPhone users.

Image courtesy planetc1.

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