Bug Allows Disabling ‘Find My iPhone’ Feature In iOS 7

‘Find My iPhone’ is one of the most useful security features of Apple’s handset, allowing a user to locate a misplaced iPhone instantly. But a bug in iOS 7 allows anyone to disable the feature without even providing a password.

Find My iPhone feature

The feature can easily be deactivated in a few simple steps. It essentially involves tweaking the iCloud settings of an account linked to a given iPhone. According to reports, the bug works with iPhone and iPad devices running iOS 7.0.4 but could not be replicated on iOS 7.1 devices.

Before launching yourself into a panic attack, know this that if you have enabled Touch ID or a Passcode on your iPhone, the bug will not work on your handset. Since the exploit requires access to the Settings menu, it needs an unlocked iPhone or else it can’t work.

Apple is sure to release a patch for the bug in the upcoming iOS update. Until that happens, it is advised that you enable Touch ID (if supported on your handset) or at least the Passcode on your iOS device.


Find My iPhone is a critically important feature because it essentially allows you locate a lost iPhone. Moreover, you can remotely lock a lost iPhone so that anyone else who has found it may not be able to access it contents. This bug is a serious security hazard for iPhone devices because it allows bypassing the ‘Find My iPhone‘ feature and even erasing all the contents of an iPhone handset.

Courtesy: Mac Rumors

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