Enjoy Gramophone Sound Using Your iPhone

This amazing iPhone dock creates the old and the new a mixes unique sound. If you want to enjoy gramophone sound using your iPhone then this dock is for you. Gramophone is root of our music. This attractive retro dock are made by Ryan Boase and it is available at his ReAcoustic Etsy shop. The docks look simply eye-catching.


The bases are made from salvaged wood and antique gramophone horns and old musical instruments like trumpets and trombones are reused as amplifiers. The docks which range in price from around $60 to nearly $600. Don’t need any batteries or power cords. Boase describes his project, saying:

“ReAcoustic is a way for me to be surrounded by music again. It combines another hobby of mine, woodworking with the instruments I loved playing growing up. ReAcoustic was inspired by the “old school” phonographs and their distigushed, vintage sound. It started with brass instruments and has evolved into other areas of acoustic amplification.”

He said also “I have only been making these docks for a few weeks, but the response has been great. I currently offer acoustic docks for the iPhone and the iPad using horns like trumpets, trombones, and the gramophone horns, and I have plans to expand to iPod and Droid docks. I am currently working on docks using French horn bells and Baritone bells. I am also about to start listing some docks that use reproduction phonograph horns.”

“I am still amazed every time I finish one and play it for the first time” Boase said, “It is hard to believe that such a big sound can come out of these.”

Source: Mashable

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