Finger painting on the Apple iPad

Portrait artist David Kassan uses the Brushes app to create a painting from a live model. I don’t know what the fingerless gloves are all about, but you can definitely see how the iPad helps — he can make bigger swipes across the screen, match colors with the extra screen space, and run touchups on a few different parts of the work at a time.

We’ve speculated before about what artists could do with the iPad’s bigger screen, and here’s an answer. In the video below.

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  1. ipad developers

    It looks really amazing! I admire this talented artist, cause I can`t even imagine how it can be possible to create such realistic portraits just with the help of iPad, Brushes app and fingers).
    Thanks for the video!
    Laureen, from ipad development


    Flippin eck, that is talent at it’s best. Mine generally come out looking like something a 6 year old drew.

  3. Anonymous

    we must admit that the iphone is really great

  4. Anonymous

    OMG! He’s really a finger painting guru!!!

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