Fix iTunes 3194 Error While Downgrading Firmware

Apple has already released iOS 4.3.2. But some iPhone 4 users have reported that they are facing iTunes Error 3194. This error usually occurs while restoring or updating the jailbroken iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad to the newer firmware.

Whenever you restore a stock or custom IPSW of any firmware on your iDevice, iTunes request Apple servers to sign the IPSW with the ECID (Exclusive Chip ID) of your iDevice which is called SHSH Blob. As soon as new firmware gets released, Apple stops signing your ECID for old firmwares which result in iTunes 3194 error.

Steps to follow:

1. Download and install iTunes on your Windows machine.

2. Open Notepad with Administrator rights.

3. Now, click on File menu and open the ‘hosts’ file from the following path.


4. Copy this address and paste it in ‘hosts’ file.


5. Save the file on same location. Restart the computer.

6. Connect your iDevice to computer and try to restore or update it to the newer firmware.

Edit HOSTS File on Mac:

* Click Go -> Go to Folder and then enter path /etc

* Now open HOSTS file with TextEdit and add the following line with at the end of the file as shown in the screenshot below.

Once you are done editing, launch iTunes and restore the stock or custom IPSW.

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  1. MAX

    ive been trying to solve this error for 2 days now, changed the hosts file on osx and win reinstalled itunes repeated the steps and so on…still get the same error prompted on both OS, any more help ? Any crucial timing with any step ? dont understand, why the repointing of the hosts file wont work. any help please ?? i feel like an idiot, not the 1st jailbreak ive done just t he first with real trouble.

  2. Ben_grif

    I know how to do it and I have done it already but it had an error. How can I fix this?

  3. Nadler93

    oh thanks GOD … it worked … now I have ios5  o/

  4. CarolinaPantherfan92

    All i did was put my phone into dfu mode then restored it and now its working!!!!!!!!!

  5. Bananarama

    Tried everything and still stuck on 3194 on multiple computers. getting really frustrating.

  6. Kapilhirani09

    hey max did you manage to solve your problem im havin the same problem only this time its ios 5 just lemme knw how you did it,

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