FolderEnhancer App Now Compatible With iOS 4.1

FolderEnhancer app is now available for iOS 4.1 on Cydia for jailborken iPhone and jailborken iPod touch and if you want you can download PolderEnhancer on iOS 4.1 jailbroken iPhone and iPod touch…..

FolderEnhancer has been updated to now supports iOS 4.1 firmware. FolderEnhancer is a jailbroken tweak which brings some cool improvements to the iOS folders capability.iOS 4 brought with it the ability to put apps and bookmarks into folders. Unfortunately, the implementation is quite limited. FolderEnhancer takes this feature and improves upon it, making it a viable solution for organizing and accessing your apps.You can purchase and download FolderEnhancer from the Cydia Store for $1.99. CategoriesSB owners can get the app at $0.99 until the end of October.

Features :

  • Open folders faster.
  • Add up to 320 icons to a folder (20 pages, 16 per page).
  • Create folders inside of folders.
  • Create folders on the dock.
  • Supports Iconoclasm for custom layouts inside of folders.
  • Extends MultiIconMover to allow moving multiple icons into/out of folders.
  • Options include hiding the folder name and wallpaper, as well as disabling animations.
  • With “Close on App Launch” OFF, closing an app launched from a folder while the task switcher was visible would cause the folder to fail to reappear.
  • With wallpaper off, toggling the task switcher would cause parent folders to become visible, appear stacked.

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