Foodish : Diet App For iPhone, iPod touch And iPad

Foodish provides an elegant and convenient daily and weekly overview of all entered meals and drinks. As we all know we could be doing more to maintain a healthy diet, and there’s no shortage of diet advice in all forms of media. Whether you make a conscious effort to educate yourself about nutrition or not, many of you have probably absorbed a lot of information, and more or less know the basics of eating healthy.

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If we’re honest, we know exactly what we should avoid in healthy diet. That’s why Foodish doesn’t require you to put your food on a scale. Entering anything is easy and quickly done: just choose how healthy your food is, enter a title and/or snap a picture – and you’re done

– Added a workaround for the Facebook cancel bug.
– Added the previously missing localization for “Unhealthy” in the French strings file.
– Added a small date label in the stats view to ensure that people understand it’s just for one week.
– Fixed a crash that could occur when reverting unsaved changes made to a food item.
– Fixed a crash that could occur when deleting a food item.
– Fixed a crash that could occur when the Wikipedia browser view had been closed before finishing the load process.
– Fixed a crash that could occur when the user goes back to the main screen while posting to Facebook.

Requirements: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 4.0 or later. For this app you have to pay $1.99 USD, but definitely this app is worth then your money.

People usually blame lack of discipline or motivation for unhealthy eating habits, but the developers of Foodish suggest that simply being more aware of your eating habits will help you improve them. Foodish is the modern version of a food journal, letting you keep track of what you eat visually with the iPhone you already take with you everywhere.

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