GETPOWERPAD Qi 1 Wireless Charger For iPhone 5

The Dutch GETPOWERPAD has the scoop with GETPOWERPAD Qi 1, the first cordless charger that comes with the standard and Qi also compatible with the iPhone 5, which is for mobile phones and other mobile electronic devices. GETPOWERPAD Qi 1 include a sound indicator to let you know whether your device is fully charged or not, while an LED indicator will let you know whether the device is being charged or not at the moment and it will also be able to work with the iPhone 4……………..


GETPOWERPAD announced the Qi 1, a Qi compatible wireless charger. The GETPOWERPAD Qi 1 is the first wireless charger that’s both Qi and iPhone 5 compatible. The GETPOWERPAD Qi 1 is a wireless charger for mobile phones and other mobile electronic devices. What is unique about the GETPOWERPAD Qi 1 is the compatibility with the Qi standard and it is an international standard for wireless charging. The Qi standard is already supported by many of the large mobile phone manufacturers (e.g. Samsung, LG, Blackberry) and is an initiative of the Wireless Power Consortium, a Philips spin-off. GETPOWERPAD was actually one of the first companies to join the Wireless Power Consortium. Co-founder Robin Nagelmaeker stated, “We instantly recognized its potential. We believe that a universal standard is absolutely necessary for the wireless charging industry to succeed. In our opinion, the Wireless Power Consortium was and still is the most promising and the most likely to succeed.” The first generation of GETPOWERPAD chargers were based on our own technology, this generation is Qi compatible. The GETPOWERPAD Qi distinguishes itself in terms of design and high compatibility (Qi, iPhone 4 and iPhone 5 compatible). GETPOWERPAD chargers are praised for their sleek and industrial design and are recognizable by the blue LED strip that lightens up while charging. After its first success with the GETPOWERPAD 3, GETPOWERPAD has had its focus on a bigger audience with the Qi 1. This wireless charger is affordable, easy to use and highly compatible with almost any future mobile phone or device. GETPOWERPAD will be exhibiting the GETPOWERPAD Qi 1 at the upcoming CEATEC show in Japan in the WPC booth. The exhibition will be held at Makuhari Messe in Tokyo from October 4 to October 8. The GETPOWERPAD Qi 1 will be available by the end of this year.



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