Gevey Pro Plus To Unlock iPhone 4 On Baseband 4.x.x [No Need to Dial 112]

Gevey SIM announced the new version of SIM interposer which will be called Gevey Pro Plus, the new version will provide you unlock on all new and old basebands and iOS, means you can unlock your iPhone 4 baseband 04.10.01, 03.10.01 and 02.10.04 on iOS 4.x.x untethered.

To unlock your iPhone 4 with Gevey Pro Plus, all you need to do is to put your unofficial carrier SIM card along with the Gevey Pro Plus in your iPhone. Gevey Pro Plus still use 112 exploit, but you won’t need to do, because it will automatically dial 112 from your iPhone in background and turn on and off AirPlane mode in background. The whole automated unlock procedure will only take less than a minute or two.


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