Gold Colored iPhone 5S Sold For $10100 On eBay

Apple has unveiled iPhone 5S in three colors, including gold colored. The gold colored iPhone 5S has got such popularity that it is not available at anywhere. Taking the opportunity, US-based seller “Papakar” put the device up for sale in eBay through bidding and the device finally got sold for $10,100.

Gold Colored iPhone 5S

Within three days of release, all the gold colored iPhone 5S were sold from all the Apple stores and other online stores. The limited availability of the new gold iPhone inspired many to do a great business within a very short time. However, many people visited eBay, the world’s most popular auction website, to find a better deal and they found that iPhone 5S was being offered via bidding.

Gold iPhone 5S Sold in eBay

Some people bid for $1800 for the device. But the maximum bid was US$10,100 for the 16 GB version gold iPhone 5S, which later was sold.

Source: Daily Mail

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