Now Apple Developers Can Migrate From MobileMe To iCloud And The Transition Gives 25GB Storage

While many of the features of MobileMe are simply being upgraded in the move to iCloud and Apple has previously noted that Gallery, iDisk and iWeb are on the chopping block. Now Apple has further made it clear that data sync features will also be canceled in its iCloud transition steps and one of the key features was cloud integration of iSync, which is Apple’s method of stashing away data in a synchronized manner among Mac devices as part of its digital hub strategy that rolled out 10 years back. Apple has tried to maintain is the amount of storage that MobileMe customers have, plan has 20GB of storage nd with the site remaining active until June 2012, Apple could hardly take that away is users were to shift to iCloud and also decided to automatically sign up any MobileMe-to-iCloud convertees to the 20GB (plus basic 5GB) plan at no extra cost……………..


Apple has opened up a new portal at for developers that the MobileMe service to migrate their entire account over to iCloud. The process is quite simple as you can see in the screenshots above and below. Apple lets you take your Mail, Contacts and Calendar information over to iCloud and also tells users that they can continue using iWeb, iDisk and Photo Gallery up until June 30, 2012. Apple also tells users that the following will no longer be available: Dashboard widget sync, dock item sync, keychains, signatures, mail account rules, mail smart boxes and mail preferences. Apple has decided to move this one-to-one over to iCloud and is automatically signing up MobileMe users to the 20GB (+ 5GB free) tier plan in iCloud at no charge and the iCloud additional storage pricing which puts 25GB of storage at a normal yearly price of $40 USD per year.  Users are automatically signed up for recurring billing with the next payment date for the plan to be June 30th, 2012, the same date that the rest of MobileMe shuts down. You may choose to downgrade before that time, and not get charged. It’s not clear how much an average user will need on iCloud. Apple claims 5GB goes a long way. With the loss of MobileMe‘s iDisk, individual storage requirements could easily go down with iCloud, but the addition of iOS backups could easily push you over the free 5GB limits.




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