Goldra1n Unlocker For iPhone 4 iOS 4.0 [Scam]

We all seeing a new paid SCAM tool called GoldRa1n on net By We findout GoldRa1n total scam, and there is no such real tools to work with iOS 4.0 or 3.1.3.

We did our investigation on this site and find out its a complete scam. They dont have anything like the picture shows. They dont have any own software, All guide and tools by iPhone Dev Team. Their support is also very poor.

So & Their Goldra1n is total Scam

We dont want to advertise others but really have 1-Click Tool for unlocking iPhone. They called it iOS4.0Unlocker, its a simple file called iOS4.0Unlocker.exe, Just Double Click And Unlock.
If anybody dont believes it just try buying it, they really provide refund if you are not happy and you always have PayPal to ask money back, they buyer portection is very strong.

Here we have description and process about that iOS4.0Unlocker from

Unlocking iPhone was never been such easy. Its simple, its easy, its fast.

iPhone Support: iPhone 3G, 3GS & iPhone 4(But you need JailBreak to run Unlocker, which is not possible at this moment, Check Update Info)

Firmware: iOS 4.0, 3.1.3, 3.1.2, 3.0.0

Baseband: 05.12.08, 05.13.04

Platform: Windows XP, Vista & Windows 7(tested) and Debian.

Remember: You need JailBroken iPhone for this Unlocker to Work. JailBreak using Links from the sidebar.

One Click Process:

1. Download Our Unique Unlocking Tool.
iOS4.0Unlocker.exe(Download Link is Available Only for Member) – Buy Now

2. Save it anywhere in your PC.

3. Connect your iPhone with PC via normal cable connector(Original USB Charge Cable). Make sure your iPhone is Turned on. and you have iTune Installed. Also keep the desired SIM on your iPhone.

4. Now just Double Click(or select and press enter). Wait a while, everthing will be done automatically and it will only take 1-2 Sec.

5. Now restart Your iPhone. You might need to restart twice. After restart you will see Your SIM network popped up.

Its the easiest and Most reliable Solution Available. Its not free solution, But we thank Dev Team & geohot for their hard work.

128 Bit Secured Payment

Update: As soon we find out Goldra1n is scam we updated post and title.

Update2: Its seems pretty sick marketing tricks, as there is no such thing in their site called Goldra1n, so its just for marketing and misslead user.

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  1. SurferDude

    Awesome! Some blogger had to do it! Great Job.

  2. Bbbbjjjdbdj

    don't listen to this prick. he's only trying to sell another shitty software that is a complete load of bollocks. for fuck sake the man can't even spell!?!

  3. Microjurasico

    Hi, that is not true, they didn't relocate their program. They simply disappeared misteriously. I downloaded the trial version before they went offline and it simply worked beautifully. The problem is that it only worked for 1 unlock and when I tried to purchase the full version their site had been suspended.

  4. Asif2BD

    We did not find any real thing. They previously name those like limera1n, clawpack, all are just screenshot, no real tool.

  5. Microjurasico

    Well, this one really worked while it lasted.

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    El 06/07/2010, a las 17:14, “Disqus” <
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  6. Tonytyy is fake and a scam. I paid for unlock and i havent heard back from them for almost a week.



  8. Mix55

    Hi Tonytyy I paid for them also under then the page linked to and they do not provide the service, its a fraud mass marketing. Do your complain to internet fraud centers and goverment websites. You can get more information on FBI website…

  9. kollkolen

    Seriously, you had known better, and if you want to jailbreak or worse, be patient.If you do not have the patience, but why go to 4.0, when we know that the habit jailbreak released for months?

    iPhone app developers

  10. Russ

    Anytime an email, web site, or application is written in atrocious English with bad grammar, spelling and punctuation, beware. No reputable outfit writes and spells as if English was their third language.

  11. Maraianah

    3gs unlock uk is group of cheaters

  12. 611309 is very good. I never had any issues with them and there support is very friendly. I had my iPhone unlocked with 5 minutes. I would avoid other websites as i have tried many before and they are not as good as this one. I hope it helps you.

  13. unlocker

    News make good attraction of device in users and gamers. The communication make it effective on internet and its uses.


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