Google Maps iOS App Downloaded More Than 10 Million Times Within 48 Hours

iOS users have been clamoring to get a Google Maps app ever since Apple ditched Google’s mapping solution for its own. Google had finally released the iOS app only last week and within 48 hours, the app had been downloaded more than 10 million times!

Google Maps for iOS

Apple had hoped that by replacing Google Maps with its own Maps, it can mitigate Google’s influence within its iOS ecosystem. Apparently, that didn’t work out well enough.

Apple’s Maps were in deep trouble right from the get-go. Users complained of less precision, misplaced locations, lack of navigational tools and a lot more. In all, the Maps were an abysmal failure and many users simply didn’t update to iOS 6 so they don’t have to give up on Google Maps.

And then, despite speculations that Google won’t release the app, the company finally landed a Google Maps app for iOS on the App Store. The response of iOS users has been frantic so far. It is well manifest in the fact that within 48 hours of being released, the Google Maps had already been downloaded more than 10 million times!

This has now been revealed by Google SVP of Commerce and Local, Jeff Huber. If you are an iPhone users and haven’t laid your hands on the app yet, head straight to the iTunes page here.

Source: Jeff Huber

Courtesy: Engadget

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