iPhone Users Get A New Shopping Express App From Google

If you wish to speed up things when it comes to do your daily shopping, Google’s new ‘Shopping Express‘ app for iPhone may be just the thing you’ve been looking for. The app lets you shop and get your stuff delivered the same day from a number of notable stores.

San Francisco

The app has a number of major retail chains on board, including the likes of Target, Walgreen, Toys R U and more. However, iPhone users can shop through this app from these stores in specific locations. For now, only the stores in San Francisco and SF Peninsula is supported.

Naturally, the limited scope of the app means that Google has dished it out as more of a beta release, trying to discern the response of the users towards it. If you’re lucky enough to be in the aforementioned areas where the app can be used, all you need to do is select a supported store from the list in the app and then place your order.

The items you purchase will be delivered the same day within a few hours. The best thing is that you can enjoy unlimited same-day deliveries, an excellent option that we’re sure is going to spoil your shopping habits.

If you download the app and sign up for it now, you get to enjoy up to six months of free membership. You can download the iPhone version of the app from the iTunes Store here.

Source: iTunes

Courtesy: iClarified

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