Grand Central Terminal Apple Store Ready for Opening

Apple just opened its fifth Manhattan store in one of New York’s landmarks: Grand Central Terminal. Different form the typical glass cubes with futuristic interior designs, this Apple Store is designed to respect the 140 year old location. The store has a surface of 23,000 square feet on the northeast side of the train station and it will be one of the largest Apple Stores.

In order to adapt to the urgency specific to this place, the Grand Central Terminal Apple Store will be the first to provide 15 minutes express tutorials on Apple products. Also, to help the customers in a hurry in this store clients will be able to use their iPhone to pay for products without talking to the store employees.

To make sure it gets such a premium location Apple had to pay $5 million to the prior tenant Metrazur and obviously to pay a rent in accordance with the value of the place, which is $180 per square foot over its 10-year lease. The building costs were about $2.5 million but this is insignificant for the Cupertino Company and besides the media got the information that Apple is paying a little less than its neighbors are.


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