GreenPois0n iOS 4.1 Jailbreak Release Soon Before Expectation

At last the waiting is being finished.SHAtter exploit based iOS 4.1 jailbreak tool GreenPois0n tool will release after a day rather than a week.Pod2g, the hacker behind SHAtter exploit has tweeted this.

Checkout Pod2g’s tweet…

@asendari asked SHAtter discoverer pod2g about how soon we should expect GreenPois0n, pod2g replied with a tweet which is very excited to us.

@asendari I would say days.

However, hacker ClaytonBraasch then tweeted the following in reply to pod2g’s tweet:

Just because @pod2g said he thinks the release is more likely to be in days than weeks does NOT guarantee it will be. Still, be optimistic.

Dev-team has already implemented SHAtter exploit into PwnageTool and a fews days ago MuscleNerd demoed an iPod Touch 4G jailbreak using a SHAtter based PwnageTool. iPhoneWiki has also been updated with SHAtter entry. All these pieces of info., once connected, enforce our belief that Greenpois0n, PwnageTool or any new SHAttered based jailbreak release is a matter of days now (not week).

SHAtter based jailbreak, once released, will jailbreak iPhone 4, 3GS, 3G, iPad and iPod Touch 4G, 3G, 2G running iOS 4.1 firmware. Just like you iGuys and iGirls, we are eagerly waiting for SHAtter based iOS 4.1 jailbreak to come out.

So stay with us to get the latest release.

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