GreenPois0n Will Be Able To Hacktivate iPhone 4 on iOS 4.1

The low level SHAtter exploit based jailbreaking tool will be release soon.Those who are anxiously waiting for the release of this jailbreaking tool for those here is a little update news.Chronic Dev Team hacker p0sixninja has confirmed that the new tool will be able to hacktivate iPhone 4 i.e. to bypass iTunes’ activation screen after jailbreaking to use the phone without any SIM will come along with GreenPois0n.

Here’s he tweeted:
@p0sixninja will gp hacktivate ip4.. please answer. i need to know

@caiolbarros yes

Though at the moment, those of you who are on the latest 05.14.02 baseband wont be able to unlock until a new version of Ultrasn0w is released.

Saty with us for the latest update.

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  1. Geetalsarin

    I am on a 6.15 baseband will it will be changed

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