Vinpok Split-Best On-The-Go Touch Screen Monitor

Vinpok Split is the perfect on-the-go external touchscreen monitor that is compatible with your laptop or your Android phone. Using this Screen Extension you can build a Triple monitor solution for your work purpose. Also, if by any chance you forget to carry your laptop to office, you can turn your Android Smartphone into a full-fledged Computer using the Vinpok Split.


Boosts Productivity

The makers of Vinpok Split claim that their gadget can boost productivity by 50%. How exactly is that possible? Well, think for a second a Graphics Designer is working on a project. He starts off by opening the image that he would use as the inspiration for his next work. Then he opens Illustrator in another Windows Tab. Then he realizes he needs to use an image resizing tool to complete the task. He has already launched 3 Windows Tabs none of which serve temporary purposes, this means he will probably need to keep all three tabs open at all time. As he needs all three applications to be running he needs to switch between the windows tabs. This is where a lot of the working hours are wasted. Who would want to spend that much time for switching back and forth between windows tabs.

Extend Your Screen

You have probably heard about the Screen Extension Feature. Every Windows Device comes with this feature. What it does is, it makes multiple screens available to you so that you can place different applications in different ones eliminating the need for jumping back and forth between Active Windows Tabs. Laptops running other Operating systems also have this feature. But you need an extra monitor, like Vinpok Split, to use this feature.

Vinpok Split is compatible with almost all kinds of laptops. Whether you are running Apple, Windows or Linux, you can plug in Vinpok Split using a Type-C/mini HDMI. This way you can keep multiple documents open on different screens at all times. You can also share the screen with your colleague. One of the great features of the Vinpok Split is, you can rotate the monitor and place it at any angle. This will be greatly useful when you have someone sitting across you, for example in meetings or in conferences.

Also, Vinpok Split is compatible with PS4 / XBOX One / Nintendo Switch. The 15.6 inches, 1080P, and touchscreen monitor extension will make working more convenient and gaming more fun. Most notably, Vinpok Split is also compatible with your Android Device. You can simply just connect your Android smartphones into Vinpok Split to turn it into a work station.

Wrapping Up!

We can all understand how unproductive and annoying switching back and forth between tabs is. It kills your regular workflow and shackles you to a slower one. On the other hand, you might already use a second monitor for work purpose. You might have docked a high-resolution monitor beside your laptop at your workstation. But what happens when you need to work remotely or have to attend a conference? You can carry the bulky monitor, can you? Luckily Vinpok Split is very lightweight and thin, which makes the perfect portable Screen Extension.

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