Hackers Claim To Bypass Apple’s New Touch ID System

One of the key features of Apple’s new iPhone 5S is that it comes equipped with the new Touch ID system. The fingerprint scanner has been touted by Apple as highly secure but now, a group of hackers has claimed that it has been able to bypass the security measure without much hassle.

iPhone 5S Touch ID

The group of hackers who were able to crack the security of Touch ID sensor belong to the ‘Chaos Computer Club.’ According to these hackers, they didn’t use any sophisticated means and merely used ‘everyday means’ to bypass the security measure.

The technique that was deployed by the group comprises of first taking a high-resolution photograph of a fingerprint that may have been left behind on the surface of the Touch ID sensor. Once the high-res photograph has been obtained, it can then be used to create a fake, physical model. This physical model, when pressed against the Touch ID sensor, is accepted as real by the sensor. A video demo of the hack is posted below.

And thus, the security of the fingerprint scanner is bypassed. However, it must be noted that the method does involve such techniques which are not available to an everyday thief. Therefore, unless the person trying to bypass the Touch ID sensor is an advanced hacker with adequate resources, the scanner offers enough security to let an average user keep his device safe and data secure.

Moreover, many analysts have already cited that Touch ID sensor mustn’t be taken as a fool-proof security measure. There are many ways of compromising a fingerprint scanner and even though Touch ID is a highly advanced scanner, it can still be fooled by creating a good enough replica of the original thumb.

Courtesy: The Verge

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