How To Install Winterboard Themes On iPhone/iPod Touch

Just a few moments ago i’ve posted some amazing themes news with their features in a post.If you don’t know how to install your favourite ones follow our instruction.

To install it your iPhone must be jailbroken.

Once jailbroken, Cydia icon appears on your home screen. Fire up your Cydia app and it looks similar to the screenshots added below.

Tap on the ‘search’ and enter the keyword: Winterboard. This will unfold couple of results- choose winterboard (from cydia/telesphoreo) as shown in the screenshot. Confirm the installation and wait for some time while the installation completes. Reboot the device.

You’ve installed Winterboard app on your iPhone and iPod touch successfully! Now, the next part of the picture is to install themes from Winterboard app.

Installing Themes From Winterboard App

This should be comparatively easy. Launch the Winterboard app from the iPod touch/ iPhone screen — or you can also go to settings, scroll and look for the winterboard option — then select the themes.

You can also download free winterboard themes (collection of best winterboard themes will be up very soon) by firing up Cydia and visiting the themes section. Here’s one of my favorite Winterboard theme: Buuf2 (strange name, I know) can be downloaded for free by searching on Cydia.

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