Sprint Overdrive Can Enable The iPhone To Use 4G WiMax

A new ad from network provider Sprint shows the iPhone using WiMax to surf the web at 4G speeds via their Overdrive device. Sprint’s Overdrive creates a WiFi hotspot that enables nearby devices to cruise on Clear’s 4G (or 3G, if you’re not in a 4G locale) network. In theory, this will enable any Wi-Fi capable phone to surf the web on WiMax, even the original iPhone.

Sprint is taking a pretty bold approach by actually touting the feature in a new spot. Befuddled? Hop on past the break and mash play. Too bad this is about as close the iPhone will ever get to Sprint’s shelves.

The Overdrive’s only marginally bigger than a MiFi and takes on a diamond-cut square shape (as opposed to the MiFi’s rectangle) while adding a monochrome LCD up front that can be triggered on by touching (but not pressing) the power button. Other than that, you’ve got a micro-USB port, a microSD slot… and, well, that’s about it. For something designed to slide into your pocket, we’d have it no other way.

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