How To Use Apple’s The Measure App In iOS 12

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We all know with the launch of ARKit in IOS 11, Apple declared it is taking AR functionalities for its iPhones very seriously. With the ARKit you could use your iPhone to take simple measurements. But now with ARKit2, you can use your iPhone to take more accurate linear measurements.

Apple is updating Augmented Reality functionalities for its iPhones. With iOS 12, every iPhone will come with ARKit2. Furthermore, iOS 12 comes with a built-in utility App-Measure. This App is capable of taking measurements with better accuracy than the old ones.

Can anyone with an Apple Product use Measure?

Well actually no. Not everyone who owns an Apple product will be able to use Measure. For an Apple product to support Measure it needs to have the ARKit, which is not supported on every device. Even if a device is running on iOS12, it might not support the ARKit. According to MacWorld, you need an iPhone 6s or later, and iPad Pro or a or a 2017 or later iPad.

Using the App

The App is not very different from the other Apps for Apple. You can get a hang of it on your first few trials. You can measure anything within the range of 8 to 10 feet. If the App fails to detect any surface or object, it will display a prompt saying ‘find a nearby surface to measure.’

Okay so how do you measure the distance? Once the App has been launched it will place a small Dot on the middle of your screen. Tap on it to add the initial point for the measurement.

Slowly move your iPhone to the endpoint for your measurement and Tap on your screen again. The App will display the measurement on the screen. You will also see a Circular Shutter Button on your screen for taking a quick screenshot of your measurement.

Can it Identify Objects?

Furthermore, if you are near a Rectangular object the App will recognize it. The App will also highlight the object in a different overlay color and place a + icon in the middle for initiating the measurement.

This way you don’t need to go over every point in the rectangle for measurement. Once you Tap the screen the App will take measurements and present them on your screen.


Wrapping Up!

How do you plan on using this app in your day to day life? Please let us know in the comments sections.

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