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How To Use Apple’s The Measure App In iOS 12

We all know with the launch of ARKit in IOS 11, Apple declared it is taking AR functionalities for its iPhones very seriously. With the ARKit you could use your iPhone to take simple measurements. But now with ARKit2, you can use your iPhone to take more accurate linear measurements.

AR Logistics Support-Is It Any Good?

Logistics is like the backbone of consumerism. This is the actual channel which connects the buyers with the sellers. But with time as more orders are placed, more products need to be shipped every day. This is where AR Logistics Support comes in.

Augmented Reality – AR Trends of 2018

One of the greatest challenges for AR is hardware. Despite that, AR technology has made some significant advancements in the year 2017. Among the major AR trends, we have seen Samsung and Apple both include AR into their phones. Moreover, by the year 2021, AR Mobile industry can soar up to $108 Billion industry.