iDesktopVR for iPhone is Available in The App Store

Yesterday i’ve reported about a new 3D tech demo that utilizes the iPad 2′s camera to do 3D head tracking. Now the concept was ported to the iPhone, but publicly and is using the accelerometer just to demonstrate what the app will be like with a few differences. iDesktopVR is a free app downloadable on the App Store that is an adaption of Johnny Chung Lee’s WiiDesktopVR for the Nintendo Wii.

The guys over at JailbreakMovies were first to pick up on the similarities of iDesktopVR and have provided the following video showing off the app’s functionality.

The funny thing is it really wasn’t a quick composition like other blogs say because the app was originally posted December, 28, 2009 and has no relation to the demo we had seen previously because it is actually just a adaptation of the WiiDesktopVR app. Here is a video of iDesktopVR:


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