Apple Replaced The Word ‘Free’ With ‘Get’ In The App Store

Lately, Apple has introduced a small but an interesting and important change in its App Store. Now if you visit the App Store, you will find the non-paid apps labeled as ‘GET’ rather than ‘FREE’.

Get Replacing Free In Apple App Store

Although Apple has swapped the word “FREE” for “Get” for all free iOS apps, categories in the iOS App Store still use the word — “Top Free iPhone Apps,” for example. The “Get” button also features a text label warning of in-app purchases in relevant games and apps.

Get In App Store

The change in Apple’s App Store comes in the wake of pressure from regulators like the Federal Trade Commission, U.K. Office of Fair Trading and the European Commission. Regulators have pushed companies like Apple, Google and Amazon to adopt stricter guidelines in how they promote and display free-to-play games with in-app purchases.

Free Game Download By Clicking Get

Need to tell you that Google has mentioned that it has planned to stop using the word “free” when games contain in-app purchases, though the company’s Google Play Store still lists many titles, like Candy Crush Saga, Clash of Clans and Farmville 2, as “free.” However, no other change has been made to apps that cost an upfront, one-time fee. Those apps still feature the price on the download button.

Source: Recode
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