IM+ Video Coming For iPhone

SHAPE services acquires developer Of fone to release IM+ Video app, which will soon launch for the iPhone and SHAPE will launch IM+ Video, a mobile video chat app for Facebook and as a standalone iPhone app within 10 days time.This app should leverage CrispApp’s proprietary video technology to enable the fourth major video calling choice and in addition to iOS versions of multi-platform apps Skype and Fring, as well as Apple’s own FaceTime technology bundled since iOS 4…………


SHAPE Services IM+ messaging applications has agreed to acquire CrispApp, the Hong Kong based developer of the fone app for iOS. Financial terms of the deal were not disclosed and the purchase price was approximately $200,000. As a result of the acquisition and the partnership agreement between SHAPE and CrisApp, which was forged prior to this deal, SHAPE says it will soon launch a stand-alone iPhone application called IM+ Video, which is expect it to hit the App Store within the next 10 days. IM+ Video will be a mobile video chat application for Facebook, enabling users to chat from mobile to mobile, mobile to desktop and the other way around, free of charge. Basically, it will be the fone voice chat app combined with CrispApp’s video technology. There are currently roughly 12.5 million registered IM+ users and SHAPE’s system process about 1.7 billion messages and 750 million ad impressions per month.



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