iOS Hack: Control Settings Toggles on iPhone 4S Using Siri

Siri has literally turned into the creative DNA of most recent hacks. As soon as Apple released it in iPhone 4S, it has gone viral and turned into a sensation, even for the non-iPhone users. In this latest attempt, an iOS hacker has claimed that with a new jailbreak tweak, you can adjust the settings of your iPhone 4S through Siri – settings such as adjusting backlight, turning wi-fi on or off and others on the Settings Toggles.

Apple Siri is the personal assistant that can translate natural language sentences, spoken to it and execute it in the form of commands. Although may voice-based assistants have been around, Apple’s Siri certainly takes the crown for being the best, most accurate one so far. Some claim it is the feature which has ultimately triggered the sales of iPhone 4S and made it a winner smartphone.

And with every passing week, we get to know a number of tweaks launched through Siri, much to our amusement and use. Another of these came in just today as an iOS hacker, Hamza Sood was able to make Siri tweak iPhone 4S settings! This is indeed a mighty achievement. Here’s what Hamza Sood tweeted about this, together with a sample of what this particular hack can accomplish:

According to what Hamza tweeted, through the hack, you can ask your Siri to adjust back light levels and according to some sources, even discover your phone’s IP address and wi-fi signal strength. Of course you will need an iPhone 4S with a jailbreak to launch this hack. While how Hamza accomplished this isn’t clear yet, it most probably will be out in the open very soon.

Image courtesy indigo_girl.

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