Install Windows Phone 7 Theme on iPhone, iPod Touch with Live Tiles[How To]

Jailbreak iPhone theme creator, wyndwarrior has brought OS7 theme, a Windows Phone 7 Theme for iPhone and iPod Touch. Install the new Windows Phone 7OS7″ theme on your jailbroken iPhone, iPod touch with the integration of live tiles and customizable start menu on the homescreen.

OS7 theme requires your iPhone to be jailbroken. You can Pin application to Start Menu and can also unpin from Start. Of course, even jailbroken, don’t expect too much from it due to iOS certain limitations. Still, the result is impressive. Checkout the screenshots below to see what OS7 will offer you, once installed on your iPhone or iPod Touch.


* No Iconoclasm
* No Infiniboard
* No SpringJumps
* No WinterBoard
* No Setup Required
* No Missing Icons (Auto-create)

Live Tiles & Application List

os 7 theme windows phone 7os 7 theme windows phone 7os 7 theme windows phone 7

Customizable Start Menu

os 7 theme windows phone 7os 7 theme windows phone 7os 7 theme windows phone 7

The instructions are as follows.

Step 1: Install Backboard from Cydia.
Step 2: Make sure you have created a “Default” backup, if not, press the add button in Backboard and give it a name.
Step 3: Go on your device and click on this link: backboard
Step 4: Press “Yes” and wait for it to download. This may take a few minutes depending on your internet connection.
Step 5: Select OS7 from Backboard. Press Install. Respring.

That’s it!

Check out the video demonstration of the OS7 theme running on the iPhone, provided by the developer himself:


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