iOS 4.3.3 Coming Within Next Two Weeks To Fix Location Tracking Issue

According to BGR Apple is expected to release iOS 4.3.3 software update which will address all these issues and will even improve the battery performance. An Apple source has shared the release with the team, noting that the upgraded firmware will stop location data being backed up in iTunes, considerably reducing the size of the database on the device itself.

The location database will also be deleted if a user decides to turn Location Services off on either the iPad or iPhone, ensuring device owners are in control of the data they share with Apple.

iOS 4.3.3 will include:

* The update will no longer back up the location database to iTunes.
* The size of the location database will be reduced.
* The location database will be deleted entirely when Location Services are turned off.
* Battery life improvements.
* iPod bug fixes.

The update is expected to be available in the coming week.

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