iOS 5.1 Dramatically Improves iPhone Battery Life, Users Report

Battery life has always been a problem for iPhone users. iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S users specifically have been persistently claiming that their devices’ battery is drained bit too quickly and that updates from Apple did nothing to resolve it. It does seem now, though, that the problem has been finally resolved for iPhone users. A number of iPhone users who have upgraded to iOS 5.1 are claiming that their device’s battery is doing remarkably better even since the update.

A number of iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S users are claiming that ever since they received the over-the-air update of iOS 5.1 and upgraded their device, the battery life of their smartphone has increased dramatically. The improvement in this battery life applies to both active battery and to the battery life when the device is on standby mode.

For instance, a user remarked, “I thought they were making BS claims, but after a few days I can honestly say that yes… I’ve seen a dramatic improvement on the life of the battery. Kudos to the power saving iOS devs.” This comment triggered a discussion where a number of other iPhone users shared that they too had experienced the same. Commenting on the thread, masgrada said, ” Same here with iPhone 4S, I’d have to recharge every day by the end of the day. Now I’m at 44% on day 1.5. My standby battery usage has become a million times better.”

However, there were others who reported that they didn’t witness any significant improvement in battery performance. Some users also reported that although the battery seems to be doing lot better when the device is on standby mode, its performance during active use is still the same. A user shared the tip to ensure improvement in battery life as, “I have an iPhone 4s and I have seen little improvement. I recommend turning off the Stock Widgets in Notification Center.”

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