[Shocking] MultiTasking is not for 3G or 2G iPhone

Thats shocking and very sad for like 60 Million iPhone and ipod Touch User. Steve Jobs Confirms iPhone OS 4.0 will be update for everyone, but not all functionality will be for all device. Example: most awaiting MultiTasking will be for 3GS iPhone & 3G iPod Touch. iPhone 3G, 2G & iPod Touch 1G, 2G wont have hardware for MultiTasking.

Today at Apple Developer Event Apple Introduce iPhone OS 4.0, read complete news here. Most talked and most awaiting function multitasking will be only for iPhone 3GS and 3rd Generation iPod Touch. Almost 60 Million other iPhone and iPod Touch user getting heart Broken. Its shocking, its sad but its expected, because there is something called hardware. Apple without improving Hardware each year release new feature, to keep their goal to rule the world Mobile and smart phone market, But this MultiTasking involves something that needs last year release 3Gs hardware.

M Asif Rahman

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