iPhone Bug Allows FaceTime Calls, Reveals Contacts Information On Locked Phones

Although Apple is touted as being very careful about the security of it’s device and iPhone devices have traditionally been touted as really secure, we  are coming to discover a number of loopholes in it’s security. This latest bug, discovered by a Canadian tech blogger, allows you to make FaceTime calls and also see the information of contacts in the list even when the device is locked and password-protected.

This security loophole is present in iOS 5.0.1. This is how it is possible: even when you have secured your iPhone device to the fullest, enabling the highest security settings by disabling voice-call dialling and also enabling password protection on the device, you can still make FaceTime calls. This is made possible through iPhone’s emergency call feature through Voice Control.

The voice-calls won’t go through, with this option. You can keep guessing the names of the people in the contacts list and if any of them is coincidently correct, you can then activate a FaceTime call with that person. The call will continue as long as you’re connected to a wi-fi network. Even if the FaceTime of the person on the other side of the call is not activated, you will still be able to view the stored information and photo of that person on the device.

Emergency call feature of iPhone has been traditionally known to reveal more information to the user than it should. This latest security loophole suggests that Apple really should work harder on making this feature fool-proof so that it can’t be exploited.

Image courtesy thms.

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