Apple’s Tim Cook Unveils iOS 7 At WWDC, Check Features

Apple has introduced iOS 7 at WWDC 2013. It will make the new version available to iPhone 4 and later, iPad 2 and later, iPad Mini, and 5th-gen iPod Touch. Check all the announced features below.

iOS 7

  • Swipe up from the bottom of the device and you get quick access to brightness, volume, airplane mode, bluetooth, do not distrub, and flashlight too. Available from anywhere.
  • The screen will also provide a 3D appearance when you move your device around.
  • A very clean, nearly invisible look for the OS. Like panes of glass.
  • On calendar app, you can swipe from day to day.
  • On messages, the chat bubbles now kind of Jiggle when you move them. There’s also a new gesture where you swipe from the left to come back to your message list.
  • Notifications have transparency, there’s also a new today menu. The notification center is even available from the lockscreen.
  • On Safari, new fullscreen look added. Now there’s just a single bar at the top. This has favorites, reading list, etc. It also shows tabs like a big stack of photos you thumb through, as if they were in a filing cabinet.
  • Control Center adds an across-the-board connection system for AirPlay and music/settings.
  • New camera features and revamped Photos app.
  • Now you can stream sharing videos by iCloud too.
  • Siri’s gets smarter and a new interface in iOS 7.
  • iOS in car: Maps, messages, music playback.
  • Automatic app updates activated.
  • iTunes Radio is built into the music app.
  • Adds Notification Sync across devices.
  • Adds phone FaceTime and message blocking.
  • Adds per-app VPN.
  • Adds activation lock.
  • Adds “find my iPhone” for situations with theft. If thief tries to turn off or deactivate Find my iPhone, will not be able to reactivate.
  • SDK has 1500 new APIs.

Source: CNET

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