iPad demand better than early iPhone demand

Given the years of speculation and hype that led up to its announcement, it’s not at all surprising that there is significant pent-up demand for Apple’s iPad. But that it exceeds demand estimates for the original iPhone, as a new survey from RBC/ChangeWave suggests, is a bit unexpected. The iPad is, after all, an entirely new device category between the laptop computer and the smartphone. And unlike the iPhone, its market is unproven

As per the survey, 13 percent of the 3,200 folks surveyed said that they were likely to buy an iPad when it’s released. According to ChangeWave, initial iPhone demand was at nine percent prior to the launch of the original iPhone. Further, just eight percent of respondents bristled at iPad pricing, compared to the whopping 28 percent that scoffed at the iPhone’s original pricing.

The survey found that 19 percent of respondents who said that they might buy an iPad would pick up the entry level, $499 model. Another 19 percent of respondents said they would buy the top of the line $829 version. The other versions of the iPad had less interest.

Another interesting fact, 68 percent of respondents said that they plan to use the iPad to surf the Web, while 44 percent will check e-mail, and 37 percent will read e-books.

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