Try iPhone 4 Video Call with Apple 1-888-FACETIME Line

iPhone 4 along wit its leaked low-signal reception, is still out-standing with its video calling feature or known as FaceTime.

However iPhone 4 users can still try iPhone 4 best feature “FaceTime” by calling 1-888-FACETIME. Please make sure you are in strong Wifi coverage area to take full advantage of FaceTime video calling technology.

Apple iPhone 4 and iOS 4.0 have been spreading and being famous just in few days after its release. Yet, people all around the world are still in waiting for iPhone 4 coming on their local store. So if you’re kinda hard to find partner with iPhone 4 to make a video call with, luckily Apple has set up the line specifically for those that do not have any other option to try out the FaceTime. Apple employees will be taking calls from 8AM-8PM CDT and will give users a chance to learn about the features of FaceTime from the Apple Employee on the other end. Some leaked info also mentioned that Apple will bring FaceTime technology an open standard for other device manufacturers to be adopted.

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